It's a new decade and a return to the acoustic guitar on "Together We Shine"!

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Our culture needs to understand its meaning, identity, and purpose; and without God, it’s impossible.

Helping them understand that through music and conversation has been my lifetime passion. 


God recently called my family and me from Boise, ID to Nashville, TN, where I've since been collaborating with other great artists and producers in this über-talented city!  

A new recording project direction of acoustic pop-rock is in the making, with the first single ("Together We Shine") release on Jan. 24, 2020. At least 10 new songs will make their way to all streaming/download formats by year's end. 

Here are some media reviews and description from my 2018 full-length studio recording:

“The Bigger Picture” - A 360º View


Wanting to see the bigger picture is about the journey of trusting that God knows what’s ahead, that he’s trustworthy with my present and my future - even when what’s in front of me looks like defeat. So when I struggle to believe he’s got it, my perspective needs to change.


There are songs on this project about laying down my kingdom (my will/plan), trusting him to run me through the fire and bring me out stronger on the other side. That is scary from my human perspective. It’s a dangerous and wonderful surrender! This past year, I’ve faced many of the most miraculous and darkest moments of my life. The former, met with humble awe, and the latter, with more than a few passionately-loud-clinched-fist-conversations with God! I’ve wrestled with thoughts of giving up and wondering if he’d lead me this far only to commence radio silence. But even in the silence, he speaks...

Jesus showed us that God is in the redeeming business. He is redeeming so much in my heart and life in this season. A season of birth pains to bring about new life - a new life worth celebrating! This is where the good vibes that are also felt throughout this record come from.


Seeing the bigger picture brings me clarity, focus, and resilience. Understanding the bigger picture reveals priority. I won’t always get it right. I will stumble and fall. But by his grace, I will stand back up, aim to love like Jesus, serve and point the way to the father, like Jesus. And, in that, my future is certain.  

Along with my personal challenges, I’ve been challenging myself to go new places lyrically (with stellar co-writers) and musically, both listening more deeply to old influences and trying new things in the recording and production processes. Being around the great musical machine that is Nashville, has given me a new level of respect for great songs and the drive to not settle. I think I’m more excited to be where I am, making the music I am, than I’ve ever been. I hope these songs find their way to someone else going through a season like I’ve been through and helps them see the bigger picture God has in store.

Media Reviews:

"The Bigger Picture frames a call to see through God's eyes of love in pop-rock tunes that bridge musical eras. 
You'll want to have this in your arsenal for spring and summer road trips - and keep watching for more from Jerry Fee."
- Mary Nikkle,

"Can I just say Jerry Fee's EP The Bigger Picture absolutely rocks! Shades of 90's dance, 80's rock and the odd tip of the hat to the Golden Eye theme tune. Occasional remixed country-esque elements and full-on 2018 production values! What genre would I say it is? Awesome music! 
- Dave Piper, Standout Show, U.K. 

"None of these songs particularly sound like overly in your face worship music, but if you actually pay attention to the lyrics, the meanings behind them are very clear. It’s the type of music you could play to a secular friend to try and bring them to salvation and it wouldn’t totally freak them out (hint: you should try that)!"

Bec Simpson,

Notable Performances:

• Creation NW - 4 years in a row

• Creation NE

• Sonshine Festival

• Boise Music Festival

• Parktacular Festival, Boise, ID

• Toured with and/or opened for Jordan Feliz, Colton Dixon, David Dunn, Ginny Owens, Charmaine and The Union of     

   Sinners and Saints. 

Notable Placements:

Two songs placed on MTV & VH1 shows in 2018.  (Ignite & Forged In the Fire)

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